Takoma Park Youth Collaborative Completes Work Readiness Training

The Takoma Park Youth Collaborative just completed the “Who Wants to Work Challenge” an employment readiness training for young people ages 16 to 19.  From March 4 to April 8, a total of thirty local youth participated in at least one of six sessions, with an average of 14 at each session.  Seven completed the program and earned referrals for employment. Almost all the youth were participants in Making a New United People (MANUP) or Identity20150401_193202

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CHEER Brings Health Care Insurance Opportunities to the Latino and African Immigrant Communities

During the winter of 2015 CHEER community outreach specialists brought health care insurance information and opportunities to the Latino and African immigrant communities in the Takoma Park and Silver Spring area.  During the Affordable Care Act open enrollment season our team of eight community outreach specialists contacted 1,368 people about health care opportunities through the Affordable Care Act and the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Access Program (CHAP). CHAP3 Read More »

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Free Health Insurance for those who do not qualify for ACA coverage

Kaiser Permanente’s Charitable Health Access Program is a subsidized  health care product for low income uninsured individuals who do not have access or qualify for any other health care program.  This is an off exchange program so enrollment has to be completed before February 15, 2015. This is for low income uninsured people and provides quality health care at no cost for premiums and copays.  

Click here to see the flier in Spanish and English.

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It’s Open Enrollment Season for Affordable Care Act Health Insurance!!

The Affordable Care Act offers quality affordable private health insurance for many individuals and families. Enrollment can be done online through the Maryland Health Connection.  To advance the community goal of increasing access to health care, CHEER has contracted with Montgomery County, in collaboration with the Capital Region Health Connector, to conduct outreach and education to uninsured individuals and families from the Latino and African Immigrant populations in Takoma Park and Long Branch. Read More »

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Snapshots of Community Improvement 2014

Spring 054On a cold February day in 2012, we heard that a long line of people were waiting for health care at Mobile Med’s medical van at the Long Branch Community Center. Dozens of people waited for more than an hour in the cold to be seen by a doctor. Unfortunately, this scene has been repeated many times in Takoma Park and Long Branch, as low-income individuals scramble to find health care for themselves and their children.

Many of them are immigrants who do not qualify for Federal government health care support. Often they are not familiar with the local health care system and don’t know what to do if they need medical care. Many postpone medical care until they are sick and then go to the emergency room, where they can wait for hours before they are seen.

This year, CHEER, with funding from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation and the support of partners in the Long Branch Health Enterprise Zone, hired six community health outreach specialists. These outreach specialists come from the Long Branch and Takoma Park neighborhoods with the greatest health care needs. Read More »

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