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2 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Health Outreach and Access

doctor hands logoCommunity Outreach volunteers and Community Outreach Administrative volunteers are requested to apply for health access opportunities beginning August 1, 2016.

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Building Competent Communities

The abundant community book coverIn their book “The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods” John McKnight and Peter Block emphasize competent communities that are rich in connections between people, gifts shared through those connections, and hospitality to strangers outside those connections .  CHEER’s primary goal is to build competent communities in Takoma Park and Long Branch. In competent communities people help each other get through difficult times and celebrate each other’s happiness and success. Read More »

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EVENT: June 1 — Takoma Park renters go before the TKPK City Council on rent stabilization

Support renters stickerCHEER has been facilitating a group of renters in examining weaknesses in Takoma Park’s rent stabilization law. The renters are proposing that the City Council implement some changes that will provide for greater scrutiny and give renters a say in rent stabilization exemptions.  They are going before the Takoma Park City Council at the  June 1 evening session. This is intended to protect them from massive rent increases, such as the 40% to 72% rent increases that dozens of households at Hampshire Towers experienced last summer.

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The Evolution of CHEER: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

New CHEER Brochure. Piney Branch mural GROUP 1CHEER has evolved from an idea for sharing information about the community to becoming a network of support for the hopes and dreams of a richly diverse community for Takoma Park and Long Branch. Our new brochure timeline documents this. Our journey began with an effort to develop indicators of housing in Takoma Park in 2008 and evolved into a community strategic plan for fulfilling community goals related housing, health, local economy, and youth development. These goals empower the whole community to define its own destiny and aspire to give every individual an equal opportunity to live a healthy and richly fulfilling life.

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UPCOMING EVENTS in Long Branch and Takoma Park!

Our partner community organizations in Takoma Park and Long Branch are holding several events in the coming weeks. We hope you can attend one or all of them!

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