CircleForward: a new and effective way to make decisions and act together

Classes Begin July 10 

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Empowering People and Organizations: Intensive Training on CircleForward

What Does an Efficient Local Democracy Look Like? A good democracy has many voices representing the whole community making better decisions that produce better outcomes for everyone.  Finding and practicing a process that facilitates this is part of the CHEER community improvement process. CHEER is honored to host trainings in CircleForward presented by John Buck and Monika Megyesi of the Sociocracy Consulting Group.  John and Monika offer highly interactive and engaging trainings designed for everyone who’s ever been in a meeting and wondered, “How can we do this better?” Read More »

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CHEER Begins Preparation for Takoma Park Youth Development Summit

On January 23, 2014 CHEER held the first of a series of round table discussions focused on helping youth in Takoma Park successfully transition to adulthood.  The series is bringing Takoma Park residents and community stakeholders together to create a collaborative effort to address major concerns related to local youth.  Read More »

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Exploring Ways to Build the Takoma Park Local Economy

Takoma Park is building the new local economy right now.  A panel discussion and more than 20 community residents met on December 5th to discuss current projects and ideas for new projects that create an inclusive local economy.  This event parallels a joint effort of CHEER and IMPACT Silver Spring to build local economy in Long Branch. Read More »

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Essex House Leaders Find the Path of Success

The Leadership Team at Essex House, a 135 unit high rise rental property on Maple Avenue, has developed robust leadership capacity over the past several months and recently achieved recognition from the building owners and is now for the first time managing its own budget.  Since beginning the Neighborhood Improvement Process six months ago, the Essex House Leadership Team has built capacity and implemented several successful programs that benefit the residents. Read More »

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Healthy Montgomery Data Reveals Local Health Disparities

Data compiled by Healthy Montgomery, the County’s health improvement process within the Department of Health and Human Service, shows that the 20912 zip code (Takoma Park and Long Branch) is tied for the highest age-adjusted hospitalization rate for diabetes in Montgomery County.  The hospitalization rate is 25.0 hospitalizations per 10,000 people.[1]   This is more than double the county wide rate, which is 11.6 hospitalizations per 10,000.  Read More »

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