Interested in Putting More Community into your Neighborhood?

Written by Tarek Maassarani

A new initiative funded by the Takoma Foundation invites you to host a NeighborCircle.

A NeighborCircle is “a good conversation over dinner with neighbors.” That’s pretty much it. Why make this into a project? Because, admittedly, most of us don’t know our neighbors and they don’t know us. We are too busy, too shy, or too intimidated to make connections and build relationships with people on our streets. Read More »

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CHEER Finds Limited Healthcare Capacity in County Program for Uninsured in Long Branch

Latino Residents in the Long Branch area without health insurance report difficulty getting medical appointments through the Montgomery Cares program, a program that provides health services to uninsured adults in Montgomery County.    Language barriers were frequently cited as a problem for navigating appointments. However, another major complaint is that the safety net clinics that provide this service are not taking new patients regularly, have no waiting lists, and do not answer their phones. It is estimated that there is about a 50 percent chance that patients will be seen unless a patient has a life threatening condition. Concerns raised by these findings will be addressed at the next meeting of the Long Branch Health Enterprise Zone on December 11, 2014 from 3 to 5 pm in the Columbia Room of Wilkinson Hall (Room 210 7600 Flower Avenue) at Washington Adventist University. Read More »

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Long Branch Health and Wellness Asset Inventory

In response to needs expressed by community residents and health care providers CHEER has published the Long Branch Health and Wellness Asset Inventory.  This list is intended to provide community residents and health care providers with a useful guide to health and wellness resources in or near Takoma Park and Long Branch.  The inventory lists primary care physicians, medical specialists, mental health, and substance abuse services.  It also includes a list of social support resources available to community residents, such as food and nutrition, housing, and recreation. Read More »

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Empowering People and Organizations: Intensive Training on CircleForward

What Does an Efficient Local Democracy Look Like? A good democracy has many voices representing the whole community making better decisions that produce better outcomes for everyone.  Finding and practicing a process that facilitates this is part of the CHEER community improvement process. CHEER is honored to host trainings in CircleForward presented by John Buck and Monika Megyesi of the Sociocracy Consulting Group.  John and Monika offer highly interactive and engaging trainings designed for everyone who’s ever been in a meeting and wondered, “How can we do this better?” Read More »

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CHEER Begins Preparation for Takoma Park Youth Development Summit

On January 23, 2014 CHEER held the first of a series of round table discussions focused on helping youth in Takoma Park successfully transition to adulthood.  The series is bringing Takoma Park residents and community stakeholders together to create a collaborative effort to address major concerns related to local youth.  Read More »

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